"​Water Covers Tracks".

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Joe Netherwood

All rights Reserved

"Sighting The Herd"

"Low & Slow".

​​​"A Faraway Look"

"Cloudscape Above Chief Mountain"

"Standing His Ground"

"​Morning Shadows".

"Bounty Hunter"

"Moment Of Truth"

"Oh. No You Don't!""

"Man Of Few Words"

​​​​"Longhorn Hot Tub".

"Grampa's Saddle"

"Howdy Cowboy, New In Town?"

"December 26th".

"No Help From Above"

"Chief North Of The Border".

"Bringing Home The Bacon"

"Apikuni Falls".

​​​​"June 24th, 1876".

"​Against A Crooked Sky".

"One Eighty"

"Looking For America"

​"Forged In Freedom​​".

​​"Noon Break"

​​​​​"Son Of A Preacher Man"

​​​"Headed For Camp"

​​​"Not Today..."   

"A Distant Echo"

​​​​"Blackfoot Noble".

"Lettin' It Loose".